Private Label

Innovation and Quality


Some of the largest retailers and snack companies in Europe trust us to manufacture their products under their brand. We take this trust very seriously.

You would like a supplier who is manufacturing day after day the exact specifications you require, the quality you agreed on and expect, in a factory that has high levels of sanitation and quality assurance: We go beyond the letters of IFS and BRC to improve our processes proactively.

Quality does not stop with the product itself, but in detailed attention to the quality of the packaging, the resolution of the graphics, the sturdiness of the cartons. After all, the packaging is the face of your product. That is why we have a packaging specialist in our buying team. 

Once you decide on your product and the packaging, you would like your private label developed and delivered as quickly as possible. This is where our project management skills come together to coordinate packaging development up to production of the first order as smoothly as possible.

Your consumers are changing all the time. Popcorn, especially popped popcorn, is experiencing a boom. New product launches are many and there are opportunities. We follow the market closely and keep you informed. With popcorn perceived as healthy, gluten free, high in fibre and whole grain, there are opportunities in making products better. We will work with you on this, and especially in organic popcorn - whether organic ready to eat organic popcorn or organic microwave popcorn. 




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